My Valedictory speech


Welcome fellow year six students, teachers and parents.

I have had an amazing seven years from prep to six at Moonee Ponds Central School or should I say at Moonee Ponds Primary but now my adventure here is about to end. I am not only excited to go off to high school but I am also sad to leave my friends, this school and its teachers.

First I would like to thank all my friends for helping me have a positive attitude towards school work, challenges and everything in general. I would also like to thank my friends for supporting me thru ought my whole entire seven years at Moonee Ponds and also for just having a laugh with me.

Secondly I would like to thank my family for everything they have done for me like helping me with problems, teaching me things I don’t now and showing me how to do things, driving me to sport and things I have on and believing in me and respecting me.

Lastly but not least I would like to thank all my past and present teachers Nicole, Beth, David, Zoya, Lee and also Libby, for of course teaching me all that they have. I would also like to thank all the other teachers and staff at the school for organising camps and things like that as well as helping the school work as it does.

I have had some funny memories at my years at Moonee Ponds from the mini tornado at camp to Lee throwing an egg on Liam’s face.

Every one of us has a special talent like Anton and his origami skills, Sammy and his skateboard skills, Trent and his soccer skills and Flynn the roast magnet.

The MVIMP program at this school I have enjoyed and got a lot out of. I have been doing percussion at this school since year three and I have learnt a lot, I have been in many concerts and performances for MVIMP and I have also been on band camp this year where I learnt a lot and had lots of fun.

solar system video 321

This video was about the solar system, how it works and what will happen to it in an amount of years. Three pieces of information I have about this video is the sun is in the center of the solar system. My second piece of information is the gas giant Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and the maximum temperature is minus ninety three degrees and the minimum temperature is minus one hundred and fifty degrees. My final piece of information is the eight planets are divided into two groups of four planets the terrestrial planets Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars and the gas giants Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. My two understandings are in five hundred million years the Sun will melt the Earths crust then grow and grow and either swallow Earth or at least turn it into a sea of lava. When it has burnt up all its full then lost most of it’s mass, it will shrink to a white dwarf and burn gently for a few billion more years before it goes out entirely. My second understanding is the solar system is a four and a half billion year old formation that races across the galactic center at two hundred thousand kilometers per hour, and circles it once every two hundred and fifty million years.

A question I have is how do scientists know for sure that all this information is true?



astronomy video 321

This video about space and astronomy is about the babylonian people, ancient Greeks and the Maya. Three pieces of information I have about this video is the Babylonian people, ancient greeks and the Maya all contributed to something or discovered an important aspect to astronomy. My second piece of information is the babylonians were very advanced astronomers for their time and they even created their own system of writing. My third piece of information is an ancient greek called Tallemi is famous for creating the Ptolemaic system, it showed how the Earth was located in the centre of the universe but it has since been disproven. Two understandings I have is ancient Babylon was a city state that was located near modern Baghdad. My second understanding is the Maya were as interested as the Babylonians at astronomy all for mainly the same reason being astrology.

A question I have is why did the Maya use 20 as there base for counting?

Captain of Comprehension synopsis

Captain of Comprehension

The captain of comprehension makes three right there questions, one from the beginning, one from the middle and one from the end. After that they write a think and search question based on the passage, when you do a think and search question you need to read several sentences or sections of text to combine the information together.

Your last role is to write an on my own question, an on my own question needs have nothing to do with the book.


Term 4 science discovery goals

Science as a human endeavour  I would like to know what problems from space directly affect people’s lives.

Earth and space sciences I would like to understand the differences and similarities between Earth and Mars.

Communicating I would like to be able to communicate my ideas to develop explanations from the information I collected.


100wc week#28

I stepped out of the ‘weird peoples hospital’ feeling relieved. Ok now you are probably wondering why was I at the weird people hospital well this is why. Yesterday night I realised that whenever I stared into water it began to turn green, so I showed my parents today and as I stared into the water it began to turn green. They where shocked at the sight so first thing in the morning after a bit of drama with green liquid they took me to the ‘weird peoples hospital’ where they cured me. Do you understand now?

The end :>

B.T.N Earthquakes

This B.T.N article is about the two earthquakes that happened at Haiti and Chile in 2010 and also what we can do to prepare for earthquakes. Three pieces of information I got out of this article is we can reinforce buildings and houses. By when we build them we put steel poles inside them and that can help decrease the amount of damage caused by earthquakes and even tsunami’s. My second piece of information is the earthquake that happened in Chile a month after the one in Haiti was 500 more time’s powerful than the one in Haiti but a lot more damage happened in Haiti than Chile.  Scientist’s say this is because of money since Chile have more money than Haiti Chile where able to pay to reinforce there houses and buildings, but on the other hand Haiti didn’t have enough money to reinforce there houses and buildings, so that is why more damage happened in Haiti. My last piece of information is when the earthquake in Chile struck it released so much energy it changed the earth’s rotation very slightly, and caused a tsunami  that swept across the whole pacific but hit Chile very powerfully. Two understandings I have is it is a good idea to reinforce houses and buildings. My second understanding is I now know what a richter scale is.

A question I have is why where Haiti not very prepared for the earthquake?

100wc week#27

“Ding dong” “That must be my parents” I said in my head, I decided not to leave my room to go and open the door because I knew my  younger brother would go and sprint there to greet them at the door, he always does it. So I waited a few more seconds and I could hear him thump through the hallway then him saying in a very cheerful voice Hello!, I was sitting on my bed wondering  what was On the other side of that door, I did it every day after school it was a habit of mine. I thought there was like a hidden room behind it.

B.T.N Deadly earthquakes hit New Zealand

This B.T.N article is about the earthquake that hit New Zealand On Tuesday 22 February 2011 and what causes earthquakes.

Three pieces of information I got out of this article is the earthquake that hit New Zealand killed over a hundred people and injured over a thousand. My second piece of information I got out of this article is tectonic plates are constantly moving but only move a couple of centimetres every year. My final piece of information is earthquakes are caused by tectonic plates rubbing together that therefore causes the ground to shake. Two understandings I have is earthquakes make it hard for people to live and it is hard to predict when an earthquake will occur. A question I have about this article is what causes tectonic plates to always move.


Here is the link to the B.T.N article:!/media/31113/